Playing golf with your wife

Few days ago, for our anniversary, me and my wife decided to visit local golf course to spend some time together. And it wasn’t my idea either – she picked tee time as a gift, because she’s great wife and knows how much I love spending my free time on golf. Despite the fact that she isn’t that good at golf, we had a good time, and I managed to stay positive throughout the whole thing, even though she was sometimes slow and couldn’t hit ball properly. God, I hope she does not reads this article. And I pretty much decided to write this post to help others spend time golfing with their significant others, who might not be as good at golf as they are, and that’s okay. The initiative alone, that they want to be with you as you enjoy your beloved sport, is worth more than a good game, I think.

 In my opinion, the most important thing while playing golf with your spouse is not showing frustration. Even if she misses the ball several times or shows her incompetence any way, don’t get angry or frustrated at her. And if you do, try to hide it really well, because some people, and in my experience, especially women, can pick up on hints like that. Show your support and let her know that there’s nothing wrong with making mistakes, and all great golfers were beginners in the past. Good way to do this, is by focusing on positive aspects of her game. If there’s nothing to compliment on, make something very simple up, like her stance or her grip. Even if it’s kind of a lie, it will help her stay motivated to learn golf, and maybe join you on your trips to golf course more often than she does now. Getting her nice set of women’s clubs will also be good.

 Stocking up on drinks and tasty snacks is another good way to take her mind off things. And I don’t want you to feel like I think women’s can’t play golf well. It’s just I want this tutorial to be focused on playing golf with spouses and partners who can’t play golf really well. It’s not about collaboration between two equal partners , which is also quite often, just not subject of this tutorial. Back to snacks though – they are great way to distract her and ease her frustration that comes with trial and error. Whenever you’re trying to learn anything, just observe yourself and you’ll notice that the reason that makes most people give up Is frustration caused by lack of skill. If you can go through that, and master any skill at amateur level, then the path to mastery becomes quite easy to pass.

 Also, before I finish article, I have one more tip – drive instead of walking on golf course. Walking has a lot of benefits on individual scale, but when you’re doing it with beginner, it’s just easier to walk, as they might not have enough enthusiasm about the game to go through so much walking just to hit a ball.

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