Golf clubs for experts – guide

There are a lot of guides online teaching beginner golfers how to buy golf clubs for themselves, but i couldn’t find any guides for experienced golfers. People might think that golf players with tenure of at least few years should be able to choose golf clubs themselves, but in reality, everyone likes to hear some advice, even if they are experts themselves. Plus i know plenty of experienced golfers who are confused about getting new set of clubs, so i decided to write this post. This could be a way for them to check out what other people like myself think about getting golf clubs as an experienced golfer. I think that hearing different perspectives is the key to making good decisions, not only in buying golf clubs, but in every other aspect of life.

The first advice i should give on choosing golf clubs as a pro golfer is this : don’t get game improvement clubs. These clubs are designed with beginner golfers in mind, those who have no experience at all. Experienced golfers obviously don’t need some cheap design tricks to improve their game, they already know what they’re doing. I am going to give specific names of golf irons that i think are great for experienced golfers later, but now, i’m going to give you generalized advice. As a rule of thumb, i think the best way to find golf clubs that will help you maximize your results on the course, is to look at what other professionals are using. I believe these professional golfers have team of experts who decide which golf clubs they are going to use on their way to ultimate success. That’s why i think looking at their golf clubs can be a nice shortcut to success. On the other hand, this approach has certain flaws, for example, no two golf players have exactly the same kind of swinging style. So even though you can guess which clubs are going to be the best for your performance, you can never be exactly sure until you play with them. So ultimately, experimenting with many different clubs seems to be the key.

Seniors are usually  very skilled golfers, so the clubs i’ve mentioned should be a good match for them. If description of these clubs don’t match your expectations, more specific guidelines for choosing irons (and other clubs) as a senior can be found here.

The best golf clubs for experienced golfers are going to be, without a doubt, more expensive than your average golf club set. So you should be mentally prepared for that. With that being said, let’s move on to discussion of actual golf clubs that i think are best for experienced golfers.

I think irons are the trickiest to choose, so i will recommend irons only. If you’re the type of golfer who likes blade-style irons, then i have great one for you. I’ve played with this iron set myself and can attest to its brilliance. MP-5 irons, which are made by Mizuno, are absolutely stunning on the golf course. They are made for low handicappers but at the same time, they are forgiving of off-center hits, which are so common among beginner as well as expert golfers. I’ve mentioned that you should expect pro irons to be expensive, but compared to other clubs on the market, this set is actually great bargain. For all these reasons, i think MP-5 irons are great for every expert golfer looking for new set of clubs.

How to find better golf partner and how to be one

Even though it isn’t incorporated into game rules, and it can be easily played alone, i think of golf as team sport. Playing alone is possible and might work for some people, but it’s not nearly as much fun as playing with your friends. But not everyone is suited to be your golf buddy. Some people are too competitive and complain about their game too much, bringing everyone down with them. Other people like to show off, or don’t laugh at your jokes, and thousand more reasons for why someone might not like you. But when you find that one person who you perfectly get along with, it all changes. I’ve found one and let me tell you, he was worth searching for. (Wait, are we still talking about golf partners? ? )

So if you are playing with your friends and you don’t seem to get along, i might have few tips for you. First of all, don’t obsess over your bad shots or generally your bad game. No one cares about it except for you, but they will care and notice if you don’t ever stop complaining about it. Instead, have a sense of humor about your failures, not only does it make you more pleasant to be around, it will also shield you from anyone who wants to make fun. I believe it was Tyrion Lannister on game of thrones who said that you should use your flaws as a shield. If you accept them and show no shame, no one can use them to hurt you. Your friends probably wouldn’t want to do that anyway, but you get the point. Also don’t stress over golf clubs, at least when you’re getting started. Remember, you don’t need perfect set of clubs to get started.

Another key is taking hints. Usually i am quite talkative, while other times i would just prefer to stay quiet. It might be because of problems in work or personal life, but that doesn’t matter. If your golfing buddy is giving hints that he doesn’t want to discuss it, leave him be and wait for him to handle problem alone. If he wanted or needed your help, he’d ask. So in order to form good companionship over golf, i advise to get good at taking hints and responding to them. This skill is rarely talked about and quite underrated, but expect good results from it.

And last, but not the least, is food and drinks. One thing all of us, humans have in common, is our love for our favorite foods. You can even make the grumpiest person fall in love with you if you bring them couple of sodas or beers and some snacks they like. I know this because i’ve been victim of it myself – i was mad at friend, but he brought my favorite beer so i had to accept it and couldn’t stay mad at him for long. And that is, only for low low price of few bucks.

Anyway, these are all the tips i had to give on forming golf companionship, i hope it helped someone, and if you would like to add something, please leave a comment.