Which golf club set should you buy as a beginner?

Beginner golfers often have a lot of options to choose from when they decide to buy their first club set. Not only do they have to choose clubs themselves, but there are many other decisions to be made. Most important of them all, in my opinion, is the choice between buying clubs one by one or buying them as  a set. The former gives you more freedom to customize your set and make it more suitable for you, while the latter saves you time and energy. For experienced golfers, i definitely recommend the route of choosing all clubs one by one, but i don’t think beginners know enough about golf to actually make good decision in regards to what clubs need to be in their bags. Plus, club sets come with everything a beginner golfer needs to actually get playing, including accessories like bags and headcovers. Collecting all of that on your own takes too much time and effort to be worth it. That’s why i think buying entire club set is always the best option for beginners. Now, let’s move on to actually complicated question of which golf club set to buy.

Because of their popularity with beginners, almost all golf brands are selling golf club sets now. The best options are offered by these companies : Callaway, Wilson, TaylorMade. Callaway stands out with their Strata series, which cost between two and four hundred dollars, depending on how many clubs are in them. Wilson is on the more affordable end of the spectrum, but their club sets are enjoying great reviews by critics as well. They are killing it in terms of design of their clubs as well. Wilson’s clubs as well as bags are extremely stylish. Last, but definitely not least, TaylorMade offers great sets for women, such as Kalea set. It is much more expensive than the other two on this list, but even with that in mind, i think TaylorMade’s club sets are one of, if not the best values on the market.

Personally, i like Callaway Strata and think that it is the best budget option of them all. It is pretty affordable, 8 club set being priced at around two hundred dollars, and despite that, quality of the clubs is much higher than the standard for golf club sets. With them, you will actually get to experience golf as it is supposed to be experienced. Bags that callaway strata sets come with are very sturdy and convenient to carry around, another big plus for this set in my eyes. Sure, Wilson’s sets might be slightly more affordable, stylish and their irons might be slightly better than those of Callaway Strata’s, but overall, i think Strata sets are much better. If you don’t trust my judgement, this Callaway Strata club set review might be worth reading. One of my favorite features of Callaway Strata set is that this set is always available for right handed as well as left handed golfers. On top of that, if you are intermediate golfer or even more experienced, you can try Strata Ultimate set, which is pretty good for a club set that costs under four hundred dollars. Probably the best club set in it’s price range. Sets offered by TaylorMade are much more expensive, so they can’t be objectively compared. Still, if you are not concerned with budget, TaylorMade sets might be worth giving a shot.  Although i am a firm believer in a fact that beginner golfers should start out with affordable sets to test the waters before diving head in.

You can buy all of these club sets online as well as offline, but i recommend doing so in person. That way, you’ll be able to try out clubs in action and decide on which one suits your interests the best. Plus, offline retailers often offer wider selection of clubs than online stores do.

How to choose golf driver

Driver is the single most important club in your set, so it shouldn’t come off as a surprise that it is the most expensive too. Because of above two reasons, beginner golfers are often confused by the task of choosing a golf driver for themselves, which is why i’m writing this guide – to help. I want to clear up some basic things that novices often don’t understand, such as : what lofts are and what they determine. I might as well answer that now, and move on to discussion of other, more important things later. Numerical loft value of a golf club basically describes how much accuracy golf club sacrifices for the sake of longer distance. The higher the loft is, the more you can assume that golf club will be somewhat inaccurate, but it will make golf ball fly farther.

Shafts are one of the most important, if not the most important, parts of any golf club, but especially the driver. To explain it in simplest terms, it is the “stick” to which the club head is attached. It’s important because qualities of a shaft makes huge impact on how your swing and by extension, your shot turns out. For example, shaft might be flex or stiff, and that determines in what manner the club will twist in the air when being swung. Golfers have different styles of swinging their clubs, all of which are valid, and should get golf clubs with a shaft that corresponds to that style. People often don’t realize how important shafts are, and ignore it completely, only focusing on reviews and ratings of golf clubs they buy. Even thousand dollar golf clubs won’t do you any good if they don’t come with a shaft that correlates with your needs. People often make mistakes and get clubs with wrong type of shaft because brands can’t agree on single standard for measuring stiffness of a shaft, so their definitions are all over the place. I think the best solution to this is reading customer reviews or one of these guides that help you choose good drivers.

Speaking of good drivers, we should also discuss money. How much do good golf drivers cost? Off the top of my head, solid new drivers are usually priced at upwards of two hundred dollars. Even that is rather small number, as new and really innovative clubs often cost five hundred or more. That is partly related with the issue of materials. Excellent golf clubs demand expensive materials, so the end product turns out to be expensive too. It’s not just about materials though. Research and development teams at Callaway, TaylorMade and other brands spend a lot of time and energy on coming up with these innovative designs, so companies make up for it by charging more for new clubs. Don’t worry too much if you’re on tight budget though, because just after few years, those amazing clubs usually cost much less than they originally did.  Also, there’s always an option to buy used golf clubs. Sure, they are usually not as good as new, but you’d be surprised by how well-kept some of the used clubs are. Considering the fact that they cost half of new clubs and sometimes even less than that, used clubs are great for people who are looking for top notch clubs but don’t have thousands of dollars to pay for them.

Another topic that often confuses beginners are game improvement drivers. Usually i don’t believe in miracles, so i was first skeptical of game improvement clubs, including drivers. After playing with them though, my skepticism started to fade away a little bit. Sure, game improvement drivers don’t live up to the hype they have, but they do improve  your game a little bit when you’re experienced, and significantly when you’re totally new. I still think that taking few golf lessons and playing with normal clubs is the better approach when you’re trying to learn golf, but if your budget allows it, game improvement clubs are worth giving a shot, too.