Golf clubs for experts – guide

There are a lot of guides online teaching beginner golfers how to buy golf clubs for themselves, but i couldn’t find any guides for experienced golfers. People might think that golf players with tenure of at least few years should be able to choose golf clubs themselves, but in reality, everyone likes to hear some advice, even if they are experts themselves. Plus i know plenty of experienced golfers who are confused about getting new set of clubs, so i decided to write this post. This could be a way for them to check out what other people like myself think about getting golf clubs as an experienced golfer. I think that hearing different perspectives is the key to making good decisions, not only in buying golf clubs, but in every other aspect of life. 

The first advice i should give on choosing golf clubs as a pro golfer is this : don’t get game improvement clubs. These clubs are designed with beginner golfers in mind, those who have no experience at all. Experienced golfers obviously don’t need some cheap design tricks to improve their game, they already know what they’re doing. I am going to give specific names of golf irons that i think are great for experienced golfers later, but now, i’m going to give you generalized advice. As a rule of thumb, i think the best way to find golf clubs that will help you maximize your results on the course, is to look at what other professionals are using. I believe these professional golfers have team of experts who decide which golf clubs they are going to use on their way to ultimate success. That’s why i think looking at their golf clubs can be a nice shortcut to success. On the other hand, this approach has certain flaws, for example, no two golf players have exactly the same kind of swinging style. So even though you can guess which clubs are going to be the best for your performance, you can never be exactly sure until you play with them. So ultimately, experimenting with many different clubs seems to be the key. 

Seniors are usually  very skilled golfers, so the clubs i’ve mentioned should be a good match for them. If description of these clubs don’t match your expectations, more specific guidelines for choosing irons (and other clubs) as a senior can be found here.

The best golf clubs for experienced golfers are going to be, without a doubt, more expensive than your average golf club set. So you should be mentally prepared for that. With that being said, let’s move on to discussion of actual golf clubs that i think are best for experienced golfers.

I think irons are the trickiest to choose, so i will recommend irons only. If you’re the type of golfer who likes blade-style irons, then i have great one for you. I’ve played with this iron set myself and can attest to its brilliance. MP-5 irons, which are made by Mizuno, are absolutely stunning on the golf course. They are made for low handicappers but at the same time, they are forgiving of off-center hits, which are so common among beginner as well as expert golfers. I’ve mentioned that you should expect pro irons to be expensive, but compared to other clubs on the market, this set is actually great bargain. For all these reasons, i think MP-5 irons are great for every expert golfer looking for new set of clubs.


Review of golf club sets under 500

Past few years, i’ve had a lot of beginner golfers ask me about golf club sets. Are they any good, or do you get what you pay for? First of all, it has to be acknowledged that golf club sets are indeed great option for a lot of beginners. They usually don’t want to invest thousands of dollars in a game that they haven’t even played yet. Maybe it turns out golf isn’t that much fun for them, then they will have to either sell their clubs at significant loss, or worse, not sell them and have them decay slowly. Golf club sets are perfect solution for avoiding this trap, which is probably why they’re so popular with beginners.

Now let’s get to answering the question i’ve raised in the beginning of this article. I think answer to both questions is yes. Yes, golf club sets are good, assuming you know why you’re getting them, and you also get what you pay for. You see, golf club sets aren’t for people who want the best out of their clubs. If you are very competitive and want your golf clubs to give you edge over your competitors, you probably should consider getting more expensive clubs. On the other hand, if you’re casual golfer who only cares about having good time and gaining golf experience as a beginner, then i think golf club sets are perfect for you. They are just like expensive clubs, just with some minor cutbacks, that you probably won’t even notice if you’re not a professional. So, if your golf-playing career is just getting off the ground, i think club sets like Callaway Strata would be perfect clubs to start.

Most golf club sets cost thousand dollars or less. Of course there are some sets that are on higher end of the spectrum that cost much more, but we won’t be talking about those here. It should also be noted that beginners’ club sets rarely cost more than few hundred dollars and for eight or nine hundred bucks, you can get golf clubs that are good for intermediates and maybe even expert golfers. If you’re a beginner though, your best options are these sets :

Callaway strata ultimate

Most popular, and for average golfers, probably the best golf club set available right now. It is 18 piece, 13 of which are golf clubs, but the rest are headcovers and other accessories, including a stylish bag. Materials and craftsmanship of these clubs are impeccable, so even for those who have some experience, this club set might be a good fit. There are cheaper versions available too, but the cheaper ones come with less clubs and even those clubs aren’t as good as ones in Ultimate set. Overall, if you ask me, i think the cheaper Callaway Strata sets aren’t nearly as good of a bargain as ultimate one. It is manufactured for both – women as well as men, and both versions are equally good in terms of usefulness. In case this wasn’t enough and you want to know more, i would recommend checking out this Callaway Strata buying guide.

Wilson Golf Men’s 2017

Probably the second best option for beginners. If, for some reason, you don’t want Callaway Strata Ultimate set, you might want to check out this set. It is much cheaper than other golf club sets on the market as well. Quality of the clubs isn’t top notch, and inferior to callaway ultimate set, which costs more than twice as much, so it’s obviously going to be better than this one. But overall, golf clubs are just fine for recreational golfers who are looking for most basic, but decent golf clubs available right now.

Senior Men’s Majek Golf

This set is all-hybrid, which means that it will be pretty good for seniors who are concerned with weights of golf clubs they swing. Obviously, they don’t have as much strength in their arms as younger people do, so having lighter clubs that are designed to be easier to swing is going to be a big bonus for seniors. Unfortunately this one doesn’t come with golf bags or any headcovers, but based on overwhelmingly positive reviews, we can assume that golf clubs are alone are worth the investment.


Is it possible to buy high quality golf club set under thousand dollars?

People say golf is too expensive for anyone other than rich to play, but i have to disagree. I just think that you need proper knowledge and experience to make it work on much smaller budget. When i was a beginner, just like everybody else, i spent more than a thousand dollars on a golf club set that i wouldn’t accept as a gift today. And it’s not just golf experience either, you have to be skilled at saving while shopping. Obvious solution to high expense is buying used products, which usually cost half as much as new ones. But it’s not that simple either – trusted retailers usually don’t sell used golf clubs, so you have to buy them off craigslist on eBay, and quality of the club you’re getting from there, will be questionable, at best. Plus, you can’t try them in person before buying them, which is a big disadvantage, because fitting is one of the most important part of golf club choosing process. If a club doesn’t fit, your golf game will suffer. Even if it is thousand dollar club, it won’t do you any good. So you definitely be careful with buying online.

 Although, despite these flaws, there are few sites that sell high quality used golf clubs, and my favorite one of them is – It’s official website offered by Callaway brand, which, in case you don’t know anything about golf, is one of the best brands around right now. They are definitely my favorite. Used clubs i got from there have lasted me 3 years so far, and with proper care that i’ve taken of them, i am sure they will perform for another year or more.

 Another good tip for saving on golf clubs is buying last year’s, or slightly older models. It is good idea to go to your local store, try different golf clubs and pick the one that fits you the best. Then go home, search for older models of that club you chose, and buy the best option for the price. Using this method has been pretty handy for me, as i’ve been able to find used beginners’ golf irons for half or third the price of new one. George has explored the topic of buying beginner’s irons further in his tutorial. And these are just as good, they’re just out of golf fashion, because golf manufacturers keep introducing new models every few months. So getting the older model is no big deal, except for rich dudes who like to keep up with new golf club releases. That’s it for today, i hope it was helpful.