Review of golf club sets under 500

Past few years, i’ve had a lot of beginner golfers ask me about golf club sets. Are they any good, or do you get what you pay for? First of all, it has to be acknowledged that golf club sets are indeed great option for a lot of beginners. They usually don’t want to invest thousands of dollars in a game that they haven’t even played yet. Maybe it turns out golf isn’t that much fun for them, then they will have to either sell their clubs at significant loss, or worse, not sell them and have them decay slowly. Golf club sets are perfect solution for avoiding this trap, which is probably why they’re so popular with beginners.

Now let’s get to answering the question i’ve raised in the beginning of this article. I think answer to both questions is yes. Yes, golf club sets are good, assuming you know why you’re getting them, and you also get what you pay for. You see, golf club sets aren’t for people who want the best out of their clubs. If you are very competitive and want your golf clubs to give you edge over your competitors, you probably should consider getting more expensive clubs. On the other hand, if you’re casual golfer who only cares about having good time and gaining golf experience as a beginner, then i think golf club sets are perfect for you. They are just like expensive clubs, just with some minor cutbacks, that you probably won’t even notice if you’re not a professional. So, if your golf-playing career is just getting off the ground, i think club sets like Callaway Strata would be perfect clubs to start.

Most golf club sets cost thousand dollars or less. Of course there are some sets that are on higher end of the spectrum that cost much more, but we won’t be talking about those here. It should also be noted that beginners’ club sets rarely cost more than few hundred dollars and for eight or nine hundred bucks, you can get golf clubs that are good for intermediates and maybe even expert golfers. If you’re a beginner though, your best options are these sets :

Callaway strata ultimate

Most popular, and for average golfers, probably the best golf club set available right now. It is 18 piece, 13 of which are golf clubs, but the rest are headcovers and other accessories, including a stylish bag. Materials and craftsmanship of these clubs are impeccable, so even for those who have some experience, this club set might be a good fit. There are cheaper versions available too, but the cheaper ones come with less clubs and even those clubs aren’t as good as ones in Ultimate set. Overall, if you ask me, i think the cheaper Callaway Strata sets aren’t nearly as good of a bargain as ultimate one. It is manufactured for both – women as well as men, and both versions are equally good in terms of usefulness. In case this wasn’t enough and you want to know more, i would recommend checking out this Callaway Strata buying guide.

Wilson Golf Men’s 2017

Probably the second best option for beginners. If, for some reason, you don’t want Callaway Strata Ultimate set, you might want to check out this set. It is much cheaper than other golf club sets on the market as well. Quality of the clubs isn’t top notch, and inferior to callaway ultimate set, which costs more than twice as much, so it’s obviously going to be better than this one. But overall, golf clubs are just fine for recreational golfers who are looking for most basic, but decent golf clubs available right now.

Senior Men’s Majek Golf

This set is all-hybrid, which means that it will be pretty good for seniors who are concerned with weights of golf clubs they swing. Obviously, they don’t have as much strength in their arms as younger people do, so having lighter clubs that are designed to be easier to swing is going to be a big bonus for seniors. Unfortunately this one doesn’t come with golf bags or any headcovers, but based on overwhelmingly positive reviews, we can assume that golf clubs are alone are worth the investment.


How to find better golf partner and how to be one

Even though it isn’t incorporated into game rules, and it can be easily played alone, i think of golf as team sport. Playing alone is possible and might work for some people, but it’s not nearly as much fun as playing with your friends. But not everyone is suited to be your golf buddy. Some people are too competitive and complain about their game too much, bringing everyone down with them. Other people like to show off, or don’t laugh at your jokes, and thousand more reasons for why someone might not like you. But when you find that one person who you perfectly get along with, it all changes. I’ve found one and let me tell you, he was worth searching for. (Wait, are we still talking about golf partners? 🙂 )

So if you are playing with your friends and you don’t seem to get along, i might have few tips for you. First of all, don’t obsess over your bad shots or generally your bad game. No one cares about it except for you, but they will care and notice if you don’t ever stop complaining about it. Instead, have a sense of humor about your failures, not only does it make you more pleasant to be around, it will also shield you from anyone who wants to make fun. I believe it was Tyrion Lannister on game of thrones who said that you should use your flaws as a shield. If you accept them and show no shame, no one can use them to hurt you. Your friends probably wouldn’t want to do that anyway, but you get the point. Also don’t stress over golf clubs, at least when you’re getting started. Remember, you don’t need perfect set of clubs to get started.

Another key is taking hints. Usually i am quite talkative, while other times i would just prefer to stay quiet. It might be because of problems in work or personal life, but that doesn’t matter. If your golfing buddy is giving hints that he doesn’t want to discuss it, leave him be and wait for him to handle problem alone. If he wanted or needed your help, he’d ask. So in order to form good companionship over golf, i advise to get good at taking hints and responding to them. This skill is rarely talked about and quite underrated, but expect good results from it.

And last, but not the least, is food and drinks. One thing all of us, humans have in common, is our love for our favorite foods. You can even make the grumpiest person fall in love with you if you bring them couple of sodas or beers and some snacks they like. I know this because i’ve been victim of it myself – i was mad at friend, but he brought my favorite beer so i had to accept it and couldn’t stay mad at him for long. And that is, only for low low price of few bucks.

Anyway, these are all the tips i had to give on forming golf companionship, i hope it helped someone, and if you would like to add something, please leave a comment.


Is it possible to buy high quality golf club set under thousand dollars?

People say golf is too expensive for anyone other than rich to play, but i have to disagree. I just think that you need proper knowledge and experience to make it work on much smaller budget. When i was a beginner, just like everybody else, i spent more than a thousand dollars on a golf club set that i wouldn’t accept as a gift today. And it’s not just golf experience either, you have to be skilled at saving while shopping. Obvious solution to high expense is buying used products, which usually cost half as much as new ones. But it’s not that simple either – trusted retailers usually don’t sell used golf clubs, so you have to buy them off craigslist on eBay, and quality of the club you’re getting from there, will be questionable, at best. Plus, you can’t try them in person before buying them, which is a big disadvantage, because fitting is one of the most important part of golf club choosing process. If a club doesn’t fit, your golf game will suffer. Even if it is thousand dollar club, it won’t do you any good. So you definitely be careful with buying online.

 Although, despite these flaws, there are few sites that sell high quality used golf clubs, and my favorite one of them is – It’s official website offered by Callaway brand, which, in case you don’t know anything about golf, is one of the best brands around right now. They are definitely my favorite. Used clubs i got from there have lasted me 3 years so far, and with proper care that i’ve taken of them, i am sure they will perform for another year or more.

 Another good tip for saving on golf clubs is buying last year’s, or slightly older models. It is good idea to go to your local store, try different golf clubs and pick the one that fits you the best. Then go home, search for older models of that club you chose, and buy the best option for the price. Using this method has been pretty handy for me, as i’ve been able to find used beginners’ golf irons for half or third the price of new one. George has explored the topic of buying beginner’s irons further in his tutorial. And these are just as good, they’re just out of golf fashion, because golf manufacturers keep introducing new models every few months. So getting the older model is no big deal, except for rich dudes who like to keep up with new golf club releases. That’s it for today, i hope it was helpful.

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Playing golf with your wife

Few days ago, for our anniversary, me and my wife decided to visit local golf course to spend some time together. And it wasn’t my idea either – she picked tee time as a gift, because she’s great wife and knows how much I love spending my free time on golf. Despite the fact that she isn’t that good at golf, we had a good time, and I managed to stay positive throughout the whole thing, even though she was sometimes slow and couldn’t hit ball properly. God, I hope she does not reads this article. And I pretty much decided to write this post to help others spend time golfing with their significant others, who might not be as good at golf as they are, and that’s okay. The initiative alone, that they want to be with you as you enjoy your beloved sport, is worth more than a good game, I think.

 In my opinion, the most important thing while playing golf with your spouse is not showing frustration. Even if she misses the ball several times or shows her incompetence any way, don’t get angry or frustrated at her. And if you do, try to hide it really well, because some people, and in my experience, especially women, can pick up on hints like that. Show your support and let her know that there’s nothing wrong with making mistakes, and all great golfers were beginners in the past. Good way to do this, is by focusing on positive aspects of her game. If there’s nothing to compliment on, make something very simple up, like her stance or her grip. Even if it’s kind of a lie, it will help her stay motivated to learn golf, and maybe join you on your trips to golf course more often than she does now. Getting her nice set of women’s clubs will also be good.

 Stocking up on drinks and tasty snacks is another good way to take her mind off things. And I don’t want you to feel like I think women’s can’t play golf well. It’s just I want this tutorial to be focused on playing golf with spouses and partners who can’t play golf really well. It’s not about collaboration between two equal partners , which is also quite often, just not subject of this tutorial. Back to snacks though – they are great way to distract her and ease her frustration that comes with trial and error. Whenever you’re trying to learn anything, just observe yourself and you’ll notice that the reason that makes most people give up Is frustration caused by lack of skill. If you can go through that, and master any skill at amateur level, then the path to mastery becomes quite easy to pass.

 Also, before I finish article, I have one more tip – drive instead of walking on golf course. Walking has a lot of benefits on individual scale, but when you’re doing it with beginner, it’s just easier to walk, as they might not have enough enthusiasm about the game to go through so much walking just to hit a ball.

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Should you run when you’re pregnant?


At this early phase, you’re likely going to need to maintain the fascinating news under wraps, so it can be tough to locate reliable sources of information on running and pregnancy. Here’s our advice for newly expectant mums throughout the first trimester (0-13 weeks).

So long as you listen to your own body and make it easy, there’s no reason why you need ton’t continue running while pregnant. In fact there are lots of benefits to staying active throughout your pregnancy, also from combatting morning illness and assisting you to sleep better to preparing you for an easier birth.

Historically, it was thought that conducting during pregnancy was not good for a girl in a ‘delicate condition’. But this wasn’t based in reality, and doctors now agree that if you’re in great health and you already run, then continuing to run is absolutely safe when pregnant.

Having said that, it is not a fantastic idea to try a fresh high-intensity sport for the very first time if you are pregnant. If you are not a regular runner, stick with walking or walking low-impact sports such as swimming.

During early pregnancy, you’ll find that you will naturally slow down. Do not beat yourself up about it, listen to your body and operate at a pace that feels manageable. Keep it comfortable and conversational, in no more than 70 per cent effort.

If you feel like running each and every single day, that’s fine. But if you fight to keep a formerly easy pace the day following a large session, you are aware that it’s time to ease off on the frequency and seriousness of your sessions. Try mixing it up with some swimming — it is an excellent low impact form of exercise that’s ideal during pregnancy.

You might have noticed that pregnant women should avoid hot baths, saunas, hot tubs and so forth. Raising your core temperature too much through the first trimester carries a possibility of birth defects, so it’s wise to prevent overheating throughout exercise. You might well feel ill while jogging, if so, take it down a notch: stroll for a little, breathe easy and drink small sips of water. If it doesn’t feel right, stop and try again another day when you are feeling better. Attempt not to exercise on a totally empty stomach: for most that is when the nausea strikes hardest.


You will find you will need to factor in pee stops throughout your run: plan your route to pass by toilets you can get.

If you’re feeling so exhausted you can barely break into a walk let alone run, that’s okay. Do not beat yourself up if you skip a day or 2, or maybe a week or more if you don’t feel like exercising.

While pregnant, the body releases a hormone called relaxin. It’s designed to Help your ligaments make more elastic, and permit your pelvis and belly to enlarge to accommodate the infant and facilitate the birth.

However, relaxin is discharged from the beginning of your pregnancy and in addition, it affects all kinds of areas you might not always wish to get too relaxed. Any of your joints and ligaments can be affected, in order for pregnancy you’re more prone to injury; ankle sprains in particular. Avoid running on rough floor and strengthen your feet and lower leg muscles to make sure your ankles remain injury-free.

If you’ve entered a race and you have been training hard for it, it can be frustrating to realise you will not be able to reach your race goal. If you would like to (and feel up to it) you can still race, though you are going to need to be ready to get it done in a less intense rate.